Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme


Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme or QMAS is a quota based visa system which targets talented persons from different sectors who want to settle in Hong Kong. The skilled professionals should enhance H K’s competitiveness in global market.

  • Visa applicants should meet the outlined guidelines by Immigration department
  • Pass Points test-either General OR Achievement
  • There is a quarterly quota set by the HK Department of Immigration to select the best candidates
  • Approval-in-Principal Letter given for Interview in Hong Kong
  • You need to attend the visa interview with original documents
  • On successful completion you will be granted entry visa / work permit granted for 1 year
  • Your spouse & children under 18 can accompany you to HK


The following pre-requisites need to be satisfied to get Hong Kong QMAS

  • You should be more than 18 years old
  • You should be financially strong to support yourself and your families during your stay without depending on public financial assistance
  • You should have a good character-No criminal or felony record or any kind of adverse immigration record in Hong Kong or elsewhere
  • You should be proficient in written and spoken English or Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese)
  • You should normally have a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution

Points Based Test

Beside meeting all the per-requisites, visa applicants for Hong Kong Quality Migrant admission Scheme need to pass any one of these points based test: General Points Based Test OR Achievement Points Based Test

General Points Based Test is based on

  • Age
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Family Background

Minimum pass mark: 80 points out of 165

Achievement Based Points Test

  • You need to possess exceptional talent
  • You should have outstanding skills
  • You should have won state / national / international awards
  • You should have made a significant contribution in your field

Points awarded 165 or 0

Contact Opulentus to know your eligibility points and more about Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

Visa Fee

Prescribed fee for the issue of a visa, entry permit, or extension of stay under the Scheme is HK$160.

Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

Process Flow Chart